2020 is garbage

There is no in between the lines, secret meaning or moral of the story here.

I started collecting non biodegradable items left behind from other people and left it where it belonged. After some time I put the two things that occupy me the most into a photo workshop and it was more successful than I anticipated. 

Here I will continue playing with this concept and I will challenge myself to produce one image a month.


invited me to give a photo workshop in Zingst.

I thrive in challenging myself to bring new ideas and to present fresh material everytime. And as one can imagine it is easier said than done. 

I have been cleaning, together with my family, the pathways to the beaches in my area. It started back in 2016 when my brother got married in Australia. I noticed (in a store) a bag with written on it "keep the roads clean" or something like that. It contained a reusable bag, some other red plastic bags and a pair of BBQ grill tongs. I brought it back home to my family and it sparked an ongoging interest. 

I wanted to collect garbage in Zingst so I thought of combining the two into one: offer a garbage jewelry photo workshop. I was unsure about the idea and I didn't know if I would find any garbage at the Umweltfotofestival (environmental photo festival). I planned to be there four days in advance in order to find anything at all.

This is the paragraph which starts with: "To my surprise" I was two bags full by the end of day two. Shockingly I found most cigarette butts in front of the Max Hunten Haus. 

I needed many small repetitive items to put together a necklace. So I went with the most obvious choice: the cigarette butts.

I was very suprised at how much stink they manage to retain. After several failed attempts to cover it with deodorant and hairspray, I was very glad to have the honor to work with such a brave model.

The workshops were a great success and a huge eye opener for all of us. 

Model: Becca Werner

Makeup artist: Jacky Schwickert-Mayenfels

Sponsored by: Olympus Deutschland

@Emiliano Leonardi Photography 2020

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